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In order to initiate a project with the Publications team, fill out a Project Initiation Form (PIF) and e-mail it to or deliver it through campus mail to the Publications Office in 1001 Hotung.

The Publications team will review your request and set up a meeting to discuss your needs. Our review process may include determining the scope of the project, evaluating your proposed timeline and how it fits with our schedule, assessing whether your project might be published online as well as (or instead of) in print, etc.

We will provide an estimate for printed projects. If the amount is more than $5,000, sign-off from the Law Center CFO is required before we can begin the project. We will forward your PIF, along with the printing estimate, to the CFO for approval.

It is a good idea to fill out a PIF as early as possible. A good rule of thumb is to initiate the project at least three months before the date you need the final product so we can integrate your project into the general workflow of the team. Most print projects follow a six- to eight-week process: six weeks of design work and revisions*, and the final 1-2 weeks for printing.  Web projects vary in type from simple web banners to entire websites, and can take anywhere from a week to several months.

All print projects that use the Georgetown Law name and logo, and/or will be seen outside the Law Center, should be coordinated by the Publications office. The Publications team can help you evaluate your needs for a project, clarify your message and put that message effectively into print.

The Publications team is also available to assist members of the Law Center community with internal projects that require design (for example, schedules, newsletters or fliers) and graphics projects such as preparing photos for Web use.

For your initial meeting with the Publications team, it is helpful to have answers to most of the following questions (these are asked on the PIF, but the meeting can help to clarify and expand on these points):

  • Who is your intended audience?
  • Do you have financial resources for this project?
  • What is your timeline?
  • Who will provide the content for the piece? (it need not be ready; it just needs to be clear who will be responsible)
  • Do you already have ideas about the look and feel of the piece?
  • Do you have photos specific to your publication, if they are required, or will a photoshoot need to be scheduled?
  • Who will be responsible for final approval on your end?

If this is a new publication, have you seen examples that you like? (optional) If so, please bring these with you to the meeting.

After this initial meeting, the Publications team will follow up with you regarding the scheduling of your project. If the Publications team cannot accommodate your scheduling needs, or if the job would be better handled by an independent graphic design firm, the team will work with you to find an outside designer. The Publications team does not handle distribution or mailing.

If you are reviewing/editing a layout from our Publications team, using the standard proofreading marks will help make your corrections clear and understandable. For a list of standardized proofreading marks, go to:

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