Associate, Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law

Are you committed to social and racial justice? Are you concerned about the ways that government and private surveillance may work to further entrench, rather than to alleviate, existing inequalities? Are you a lawyer with an interest in advancing technology law and policy that moves us toward a brighter, more equitable future?


Excellent. Then we, the people of the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law urge you to apply to come work with us as an Associate. Apply here. Make sure to upload both a cover letter and a resume.

What’s the job?

The Center on Privacy & Technology seeks to hire an attorney with 1–3 years of experience to coordinate the Center’s work on commercial data practices. We’re a small and flexible team where everyone does a little bit of everything, but your primary job on a daily basis will be conducting research and policy advocacy at the intersection of technology, data protection, and equity. We are particularly interested in candidates who, through lived or professional experience, can bring a lens of social and racial justice to the work.

Among other things, we will ask you to:

  • Develop policy proposals to combat discriminatory content and advertising on major social media platforms;
  • Collaborate with other organizations to build a strong coalition of privacy organizations committed to addressing racial injustice;
  • Work with policymakers, tech policy advocates, and labor organizers to develop reasonable limits to how employers may collect and use data about their workers;
  • Help design and host public events that raise awareness on issues at the intersection of privacy, surveillance, and social and racial justice;
  • Conduct research and draft reports regarding uses of personal data that disproportionately harm historically disadvantaged communities;
  • Draft blog posts and short opinion pieces about the Center’s research and advocacy; and
  • Represent the Center to funders, faculty, and other stakeholders.

The Center Associate will report to the Center’s Director of Research & Advocacy, Emily Tucker, and collaborate closely with Center staff and the Center’s Founding Director, Alvaro Bedoya, and Associate Director, Laura Moy.

The Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law is located in Washington, DC, but this position will work remotely until further notice. We are very serious about safety and will not require anyone to report to work in-person until we and you are 100% comfortable.

For candidates with more than three years of experience and a proven track record of leadership in relevant research and advocacy, we will consider adjusting this position to a Senior Associate level pending available funding.

What’s the Center?

The Center on Privacy & Technology is a think tank focused on privacy and surveillance law and policy—and the communities they affect. We believe that privacy is a fundamental right under threat from both government and corporate surveillance, especially for historically marginalized people. Through research and advocacy, we challenge that surveillance and work towards a world where privacy protects everyone. Read about our mission, staff, and our work on our website.

Sounds amazing, how can I apply? 

Go to the Georgetown Career webpage and apply via Georgetown’s portal. Make sure to include a cover letter and resume! You can upload both files in the resume box while applying.

The job posting looks like it has been up for a while, am I too late?

If the job posting is still up, we are still considering applicants. We will review applications and conduct interviews on a rolling basis.