Now hiring:

Senior Associate, Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law

Are you a seasoned advocate with experience supporting the movements for immigrant rights and racial justice? Are you concerned about the ways that surveillance technologies and mass data collection are impeding the fight to end mass incarceration? Are you committed to working in partnership with, and following the leadership of, grassroots organizations and the communities most impacted by immigration enforcement and policing?

If so, then we urge you to apply to join our team at the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law as a Senior Associate.

What’s the job?

The Center on Privacy & Technology seeks a Senior Associate to lead the Center’s research and advocacy in the area of immigrant surveillance. In early 2022, we plan to expand our research and advocacy to expose and curtail the surveillance capabilities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In the medium term, we need an experienced, creative, energetic person to develop and execute our advocacy strategy based on our findings from almost three years of research on ICE surveillance. In the longer term, we expect the person in this role to conceive and carry out new research projects related to the surveillance of immigrant communities, and of communities of color more broadly. This is a role with a high degree of responsibility and autonomy, and room for growth within the organization.

Among other things, we will ask you to:

  • Develop an advocacy strategy to support organizing to cut off ICE’s access to public and private data sets at the state and local levels;
  • Foster partnerships with grassroots immigrant rights organizations interested in building their own capacity to fight surveillance of their communities;
  • Participate in coalition work with other immigrant rights, racial justice, civil rights and privacy organizations on issues related to the surveillance of immigrant communities;
  • Conduct legal research, draft policy proposals and model legislative language, and provide technical support to advocates, organizers, and policy makers working to limit the surveillance of immigrant communities;
  • Conceive and carry out new original research projects, with a high level of scholarly rigor, related to the surveillance of immigrant communities and communities of color generally;
  • Help design and host public events that raise awareness of the way that ICE operates as a domestic surveillance agency; 
  • Supervise fellows and interns, and eventually junior associates;
  • Draft blog posts and short opinion pieces about the Center’s research and advocacy;
  • Represent the Center to funders, faculty, and other stakeholders.

What qualifications do you need?

  • 4-7 years advocacy experience in the immigrant rights movement, or the movement for racial justice, either in the U.S. or internationally. Experience as an immigration lawyer, or a public defender representing immigrant clients will also be very useful in this role;
  • An advanced degree in law, public policy, or other relevant field is an advantage, but not a requirement if you have significant relevant professional experience;
  • A demonstrated understanding of, respect for, and desire to support community based organizing and organizers;
  • Experience conducting original research to support policy advocacy (for example in the form of reports, white papers, legal memos, legislative findings or proposals);
  • The ability to write compellingly, and without jargon, for a wide audience;
  • An understanding of the intersectionality of immigrant rights with racial justice and economic justice;
  • Commitment to the Center’s vision and mission, demonstrated through study, work, or lived experience;
  • The ability to communicate in at least one language other than English;
  • A collaborative spirit, sense of humor, and capacity for generosity in times of hardship.

While not a requirement, we consider personal experience of systems of policing and surveillance extremely valuable to our work. We are also hoping to incorporate more visual art into our publications and communications, so if you are any kind of artist, please mention that in your application!

The Senior Associate will report to the Center’s Executive Director, and collaborate closely with Center staff and faculty directors. 

The Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law is located in Washington, DC. We are currently remote, but expect to return to the office at least part time in early 2022. 

What’s the Center?

The Center on Privacy & Technology is a think tank focused on privacy and surveillance law and policy—and the communities they affect. We believe that privacy is a fundamental right under threat from both government and corporate surveillance, especially for historically marginalized people. Through research and advocacy, we challenge that surveillance and work towards a world where privacy protects everyone. Read about our mission, staff, and our work on our website.

Sounds amazing, how can I apply?

Go to the Georgetown Career webpage and apply via Georgetown’s portal. Make sure to include a cover letter and resume! You can upload both files in the resume box while applying.

The job posting looks like it has been up for a while, am I too late?

If the job posting is still up, we are still considering applicants. We will review applications and conduct interviews on a rolling basis.

Salary range and benefits.

As a full-time position, this is eligible for the full range of Georgetown University benefits, including health care, tuition assistance, retirement contributions, and 13 paid holidays in addition to paid time off.

This position is grant funded and has a salary range of $90,000 – $100,000.