Our Center is also staffed by an outstanding group of dedicated teachers and professional caregivers. All teachers at HKLC have an enthusiasm for teaching young children, a basic foundation in child development, an appreciation for each child’s individuality, and an ability to stimulate a child’s natural creativity and curiosity. They are also sensitive to each child’s needs and are responsively involved with children. Their understanding of the needs of working parents and their ability to collaborate for the benefit of the children is an essential part of their unique qualifications. Our staff receives ongoing professional development training and attends available workshops, courses, and consultations.

Our staff believes that a cooperative relationship is essential between the Center and parents so that a quality program can be provided for all children. Teachers will keep parents informed about their child’s daily activities and developmental achievements; likewise, teachers will seek information about your child’s daily activities at home, developmental achievements and behaviors observed out of school, and anything that may affect your child’s behavior at school (including but not limited to parents business or personal travel, loved ones planning to visit your home, important family events, upcoming changes in the household like moves or pregnancies, and more).

Hoya Kids also relies on a number of part-time employees who help set up the Center each morning, maintain cleanliness and safety in the classrooms throughout the day, and clean up and reorganize the Center before closing each evening. Many of the part-time employees are GU students. They are energetic, engaging, and fascinating to the children; they bring different perspectives, share new ideas, and provide able assistance to the full-time teaching staff.