In order to request a loaner laptop, please complete the Loaner Laptop Form. In the comments section of the form, please include your shipping address where the loaner laptop will be sent. These are Windows based loaner laptops.


The following measures are particularly important:

Waiting Room (this puts all participants in a waiting room first, then you authorize them to join the group) Lock Meeting (once all of your students have arrived, you can use this to prevent anyone else from joining) Password (you can use a password if you circulate it to the group beforehand) Enter/Exit Chime (will notify you when someone enters so they can’t sneak in unseen)

For more information please check: Securing Zoom.

Reduce the number of devices connected to your home network. Reboot your internet/wifi router to allow any new updates to be applied. If using ZOOM, you can use your phone for the audio and the internet for video. If nothing helps, you can turn on “Hot Spot” functionality on your personal mobile phone. For University issued cell phones, please contact

Visit, log in as and netID password and follow the online instructions to download the applications. You can also visit our IST website for detailed instructions.

To Obtain an Adobe License please fill out the Adobe Software License Request Form. It can take between 48 and 72 hours to get the license email if approved.

You are able to purchase these items directly from your prefered online provider, have the items shipped to your home. You will need to purchase these with your pro-card or your personal credit card and submit for reimbursement.

Please send an email to

Please complete a request for Smartphone Device.

Please send an email to with your extension and the number you wish to forward to.

Please complete the voicemail to email request form.

Visit the Georgetown DUO website for detailed information.

Follow each of the links below to check on the status of their service:

Box status Canvas status DUO status Google Status ZOOM status

All faculty can call the ZOOM hotline at 202-662-ZOOM for online class emergencies.

Please visit the following websites

Web Conferencing with Zoom website Georgetown ZOOM website Sign up for Zoom training.

Please visit Georgetown’s VPN Website for detailed information.

Please visit Georgetown’s Google Group website for detailed instructions and information on how to request a Google Group/Distribution list.

The Law Center Website is a great resource of information, if you can’t find what you are looking for, a quick search will get you in the right direction. Below are a few quick links:

Service Desk Main Page, main page, which provides quick links to commonly asked questions or service requests as well as a menu for other services and information. New to Georgetown Law Page, helpful links and presentation to assimilate at Georgetown Law. Support Tools, which gives you quick links to commonly used Enterprise level applications.