Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone is a great all-in-one device that offers better quality audio features for speaking and listening during a Zoom call.  Many units can connect to a computer via USB in situations when it hasn’t been fully charged.

  • Pros:  Can be moved untethered in the workspace.  Best for users not wanting to wear listening devices to improve audio when using Zoom.  The small footprint (most around 6” in diameter) is great for most desk workspaces.  Great sound quality for small to medium sized work spaces.
  • Cons:  Requires charging to maximize the wireless feature.


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for audio can improve mobility and overall audio quality for both listening and speaking.

  • Pros: Great for mobility in small and medium sized rooms.  Many units are designed to fit discreetly in the ear.
  •  Cons: Requires charging after heavy use.  Can be uncomfortable in the ears of some users.

USB Microphone for improved audio pickup of your voice on a Zoom call when the internal laptop/computer microphone isn’t optimal.

  • Pros:  Optimal sound quality when properly set up.  It can be moved around to suit your workspace.
  • Cons:  Some units can be fairly expensive and difficult to set up for some users.  Will require some workspace real estate, so it’s not ideal for an already crowded workspace.



External USB Webcams can provide flexibility with camera angles and distance and a less tethered teaching environment.

  • Pros:  Improved webcam placement flexibility.  In some cases, a better image than built-in laptop/computer webcams.  Many have built-in microphones that are optimized for the webcam camera shot.
  • Cons:  Some units can be expensive and difficult to set up for some users.  A webcam desktop stand may be required in some workspaces.


LED Ring or Panel Lights can improve even face lighting in rooms with less than optimal lighting.  Some lighting units can be powered via USB to improve portability.  Based on the setup, a table stand or floor stand should be considered.

  • Pros:  Can improve the presenter’s image if set up properly.   Some units can be used wirelessly or powered via USB.
  • Cons:  Some units can be expensive.  A tripod floor or table stand will be required, so space needs to be allotted in the workspace for proper placement.


An Additional Monitor can improve Zoom call viewing options instead of being tethered to a laptop screen.  An additional monitor can also be added to serve as a teleprompter screen to display teaching notes.

  • Pros:  An increased computer workspace when using extended desktop function.
  • Cons:  An additional video monitor will require real estate in a workspace.