Law Center Variation

Optional Settings

Security Settings
Accessing virtual-room through Canvas
Join Online Class” link in Canvas Use Zoom Personal Meeting ID to host office hours
Zoom recording is on by default and is used as a backup to the Panopto recording. Students can not record on their own. More information on class recordings: Panopto Resources
Share Screen
Only Host* can Share their Screen Host can allow others to share screen through Security panel
Meeting Control Settings
Host* can initiate generic Polls Zoom Poll has 10 untitled questions and 5 answers (A,B,C,D,&E). Host can pre-write questions/answers on a slide and share their screen. Responses are anonymous.
Breakout Rooms
Host* can initiate Breakout Rooms More information on available Breakout Rooms options: Breakout Rooms Tutorial Video
Private chat between attendees is disabled.
Public chat is available to all.
Private chat with Host* is available to all.
More information on disabling Zoom chat:
Controlling Chat Access
All attendees are Muted when they join the Zoom session
Only the Host sharing their screen can use whiteboard annotation.
Students may change their Zoom screen name. This allows them to go by something other than their legal name.

**Faculty are given Host functions in their Zoom virtual-classrooms. To ensure that Host is granted, please log in to Zoom using SSO with your Georgetown NetID before joining your online class.

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