Disability Parking

Students, faculty, and staff with a valid annual decal and state-issued disability permit who require handicapped parking spaces may request assignment to a specific parking space by visiting the Parking & Transportation Office. Visitors are also encouraged to call the Parking & Transportation Office at 202-662-9330 for assistance.

Georgetown University Transportation Shuttles

Georgetown University Transportation Shuttles (GUTS) buses are ADA accessible and equipped with wheelchair lifts. Contracted buses may not be accessible. Please contact the Georgetown University Office of Transportation Management to ensure any accessibility requirements are met.


The E.B. Williams Law Library is fully accessible to visitors and students with disabilities. Patrons should visit the library’s website for information on access and general assistance. Additionally, the Law Library has arranged for all Georgetown Law students to have unlimited access to AudioCaseFile’s collection of digitally recorded court decisions. This collection includes MP3 format recordings of cases in many law school casebooks.

In Williams Library, Room 506, there is an assistive technology workstation equipped with JAWS, Kurzweil, Dragon Naturally Speaking and a flatbed scanner. Students can reserve Room 506 using the Group Study Room portal.


Georgetown University Law Center is committed to providing accessible websites and web-based applications to students, staff, faculty and participants in the University’s programs and activities. If you are having difficulty accessing content or using features on any Georgetown University website please complete the Request Accessibility Help Form. Additional information on web accessibility can be found on the Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility webpage.


The locations of the Law Center’s accessible and unisex bathrooms are available on the Accessible and Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms page.


Georgetown University Law Center remains committed to our longstanding practice of making our programs, services and activities inclusive and accessible to students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. The following resources should be consulted when designing inclusive environments and events:


Service and Assistance Animals

As part of the University’s commitment to accommodate persons with disabilities, particularly persons who need the assistance of service animals, IDEAA has developed the guidelines to address service and assistance animal requests and usage on Georgetown University’s three campuses. For additional information regarding services animals, review the University’s Guidelines for Service and Assistance Animals on Georgetown’s Campuses.

Emotional Support Animals in University Housing

The Law Center complies with the Fair Housing Act in allowing students the use of emotional support animals that are approved as an accommodation in Gewirz. Additional information can be found in the Policy on Emotional Support Animals in University Housing.

Animal Policy

Animals in Indoor Spaces on Campus

The presence of animals in buildings owned and/or controlled by Georgetown Law is prohibited, including in the Gewirz Student Center and all classrooms, hallways and event spaces, except for the exemptions provided in section II in the Animals on the Georgetown Law Campus Policy.

Animals in Outdoor Spaces on Campus

Members of the community are permitted to bring animals to outdoor spaces on the Georgetown Law campus, provided they comply with all applicable local and federal laws and the conditions in Section III in the Animals on the Georgetown Law Campus Policy.


Students clapping at commencement ceremonyThe Office of Special Events is dedicated to making Law Center Commencement activities accessible and inclusive to both students and guests. Accommodation request from students should be directed to the Office of Disability Services and accommodation requests from guests should be directed to the Office of Special Events at by the last week of April. Additional information about commencement can be found on the Commencement page.