Interactive Registration

Step 1: The student completes the Registration Form and submits documentation (upload to Box, email, fax or hand deliver) according to the Disability Documentation Guidelines.

Step 2: Following documentation review, Disability Services reaches out to the student via email to schedule an intake meeting via Zoom, phone, or in-person.

Step 3: Following documentation review, an intake meeting, and clinician consultation (when necessary and with approval), Disability Services emails the student regarding approved reasonable accommodations. A student who disagrees with an accommodation determination may appeal as outlined in the Policy for Requesting Accommodations at the Law Center.


Students may submit documentation at any time. Students must submit documentation at minimum ten business days before the accommodation is to be implemented and ten business days before the start of the final exam period. With that said, it can take 3–4 weeks to review documentation, consult with providers, determine reasonable accommodations, and implement those accommodations. Students are encouraged to submit accommodation requests and supporting documentation at least one month before the requested accommodation would be implemented.

The last day to meet with Disability Services for an intake meeting this semester is Friday April 14th, 2023. Students should submit new documentation no later than Friday March 31st so our office has sufficient time to review the request and schedule an intake meeting prior to April 14th.

Please note that accommodations are not retroactive. A student may not present documentation and ask for accommodations or special consideration after a grade has been turned in. After a grade has been turned in, it may be re-examined as outlined in the handbook.

Student Housing | (202) 662-9290

Disability Services collaborates with the Office of Residence Life to coordinate approved accessibility-related housing accommodations. Students requesting accommodations for housing in Gewirz must complete the Registration Form and submit documentation prior to the housing selection process. Requests approved after the housing lottery will be honored subject to available space and resources. The Office of Residence Life also assists students with disabilities who may seek housing nearby or in the D.C. metro area.

Temporary Disabilities

Students with temporary conditions (e.g., broken limbs, injuries, concussions) are encouraged to complete the Registration Form and submit documentation from a treating physician that includes a diagnosis, severity, functional limitations, prognosis, and estimated duration. Disability Services will reach out via email to schedule a meeting to discuss reasonable accommodations.

Disability Disclosure

In cases where a faculty member must be made aware of classroom accommodations, the student will be consulted first and the minimum amount of information will be shared in order to identify or implement a reasonable accommodation. Disability Services is available to address faculty questions about Law Center policies and services and to consult on disability-related issues.

Pregnancy Adjustments | (202) 662-4066

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities, which includes discrimination against pregnant and parenting students. Student requests for pregnancy adjustments should be directed to Mitchell C. Bailin, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students. Disability Services supports the implementation of exam-related pregnancy adjustments (e.g. additional time).

Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Affirmative Action (IDEAA) | (202) 687-4798

IDEAA responds to accommodation requests from applicants and current employees, including staff, AAPs, faculty, and student employees. IDEAA also reviews alleged violations of the University’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination in Education Policy.

Classroom Recording Policy and Accommodations

Classroom Recording Policy | Accommodated Students with Disabilities