Georgetown Law Center recognizes that individuals with temporary disabilities or short-term medical conditions may need access to services and resources similar to students with permanent disabilities. Examples of temporary disabilities may include but are not limited to broken limbs, hand injuries, concussions, or a virus such as mononucleosis. Although post-secondary institutions are not required by law to accommodate students with temporary injuries, it is the Georgetown Law’s general practice to facilitate accommodations that are reasonable on a short-term basis. Students whose illnesses or injuries are expected to last longer than one semester should register with the Office of Disability Services for disability accommodations. Students who need assistance for a temporary disability should follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Document your temporary disability.

Submit documentation of illness/injury by email to the Georgetown Law Dean of Students. Documentation must be from a treating physician and must include diagnosis, severity, limitations, prognosis, and estimated duration of the disabling condition.

STEP 2: Meet with Dean of Students Mitchell Bailin.

Discuss reasonable and appropriate accommodations with the Dean of Students. To schedule an appointment with Dean Bailin, please call 202-662-4066 or email the Georgetown Law Dean of Students.

STEP 3: Collaborate with the Office of Disability Services.

In some cases, the Office of Disability Services may help implement accommodations for students with temporary disabilities, thus it may be necessary to communicate with the Office of Disability Services.


Please note: Students are welcome to meet with Dean Bailin before submitting documentation. To schedule up a meeting to discuss your situation and questions email the Dean of Students.