The information below is intended to help students, employees, and visitors understand the difference between various kinds of animals, where they are permitted, and when they may be removed.

Animals in Indoor Spaces On Campus

The presence of animals in buildings owned and/or controlled by Georgetown Law is prohibited, including in the Gewirz Student Center and all classrooms, hallways and event spaces, except for the exemptions provided in section II in the Animals on the Georgetown Law Campus Policy.

Animals in Outdoor Spaces on Campus

Members of the community are permitted to bring animals to outdoor spaces on the Georgetown Law campus, provided they comply with all applicable local and federal laws and the conditions in Section III in the Animals on the Georgetown Law Campus Policy.

Service and Assistance Animals

As part of the University’s commitment to accommodate persons with disabilities, particularly persons who need the assistance of service animals, IDEAA has developed the guidelines to address service and assistance animal requests and usage on Georgetown University’s three campuses. For additional information regarding services animals, review the University’s Guidelines for Service and Assistance Animals on Georgetown’s Campuses. Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services with questions.

Emotional Support Animals in University Housing

The Law Center complies with the Fair Housing Act in allowing students the use of emotional support animals that are approved as an accommodation in Gewirz. Additional information can be obtained by contacting

More Helpful Campus Policies

Other resources and policies including request forms and student organization policies can be found on the Student Resources & Policies Page.