NOTE: The Law Center Loop shuttle is temporarily suspended until further notice.

The Law Center provides local shuttle service from August to the following May. Shuttle service does not operate during the summer months.

The Loop Shuttle travels to Union Station and nearby grocery stores, as well as the neighborhoods where these stores are located. This shuttle will not make additional stops at the request of riders.

Note: Effective December 5th the shopping shuttle will be temporally suspended until further notice.

The Specialty Shopping Shuttle runs only on Saturdays (mid-morning to early afternoon). This shuttle starts at 2nd and E Streets in front of the McDonough Building and stops at Walmart at First and H Streets, NW, the Giant at 4th and H Streets, NW, and the Whole foods at 600 H Street, NE.

If you need a wheelchair accessible shuttle or have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 202-662-9325.

The Loop Shuttle

Law Center
(2nd & E St NW)
Union Station
(50 Mass Ave NE,
main entrance)
Harris Teeter
(1st & M St NW)
(Bus stop at
4th & H St NW)
(Bus stop at
5th & L St NW)
5pm 5:15pm No pickup No pickup No pickup
5:30pm 5:45pm No pickup No pickup No pickup
6pm 6:10pm 6:20pm 6:30pm 6:45pm
7pm 7:10pm 7:20pm 7:30pm 7:45pm
8pm 8:10pm No pickup No pickup No pickup
8:20pm 8:30pm No pickup No pickup No pickup
8:40pm 8:50pm No pickup No pickup No pickup
9pm 9:10pm 9:20pm 9:30pm 9:45pm
10pm 10:10pm 10:20pm 10:30pm 10:45pm
11pm 11:10pm 11:20pm 11:30pm 11:45pm
12pm 12:10pm 12:20pm 12:30pm 12:45pm


The Specialty Shopping Shuttle

Departs Law Center (1st &F St NW) Walmart Giant Whole Foods
10am 10:10am 10:20am 10:30am
11am 11:10am 11:20am 11:30am
12pm 12:10pm 12:20pm 12:30pm
1pm 1:10pm 1:20pm 1:30pm