Meet Marcia

Marcia Pennington Shannon joined OCS in 2012 as the new Assistant Dean. She has been involved in the field of lawyer career strategy and professional development for more than twenty-five years. Prior to re-joining OCS, Marcia was one of the founding principals of Shannon & Manch, a consulting firm focused on lawyer career and professional development with offices in Washington, DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Before her work in consulting, Marcia served for nearly a decade as a career counselor in the Office of Career Services at the Law Center. Marcia is the managing editor and co-author of The Lawyer's Career Management Handbook: Your Bridge to a Satisfying Career (West, 2010). She has published widely and is a frequent speaker on a range of topics relating to careers in the legal profession. She received her B.A. in psychology from Emory University, M.Ed. from the University of Cincinnati, and is a certified master coach.