Georgetown Law campusThe resources gathered here are designed to help you to discover, explore, and develop these crucial areas of competency in professional development.

Once you have learned more about these fundamentals of networking and applying to and interviewing for jobs, you should submit your resume and/or cover letter for our review or make an appointment with an LL.M. career advisor.

Informational Interviews

Learn how you can conduct informational interviews to craft a more successful job search.


Learn how to draft a strong, clear resume that conveys your relevant skills, education, and employment history precisely and efficiently.

Cover Letters and E-mail Correspondence

Learn how to draft persuasive cover letters, e-mail and other correspondence with employers.

Other Application Materials

Learn how to select a writing sample, obtain your transcript, list references and other common application materials.

Initial Interviews

Learn how to prepare for an initial, or screening, interview for a position.

Callback Interviews

Learn what to expect from callbacks once you have successfully made it past a first round interview.

Offers and Salary

Learn how to accept and reject job offers and how to handle salary negotiations.