There are innumerable sources of employers, job listings, and networking opportunities, and over time, as you sharpen your focus and broaden your search, you will come to discover new ones, and to recognize which ones are the most reliable, wide-ranging, and applicable to your particular areas of interest. As a starting point, the following links we provide here can give you a great beginning of the process.

Career Manual and Other Resources

Office of Graduate Careers has crafted a comprehensive career and professional development manual, in addition to an alumni directory, resume templates, sample job resumes and cover letters and other application materials, how-to guides and other resources to assist you in your job search.

Podcasts, Videos and Webinars

Presentations by members of Office of Graduate Careers, knowledgeable professionals, and experienced practitioners in a range of relevant fields provide useful guidance, information, and perspective in the job search process and beyond.

Recommended Outside Directories, Resources and Databases

We have compiled and categorized a directory of specialized career, law and other related websites to assist you in your career development.