Ongoing Events

Torah Study

Each Friday, Michael Goldman gathers a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff for Torah Study. We are exploring the multiple meanings of the text, from a number of perspectives: classical Jewish, Christian, Muslim, scientific, historical, and literary. For further information, please email Jewish chaplain Michael Goldman.


Offerings by appointment

Spiritual Accompaniment

By choosing to attend Georgetown Law Center, you have chosen to enter an environment that can be competitive, stressful and hectic. The Law Center community is committed to walking with you and helping you build the holistic resources you need to flourish here and beyond your years with us. Whether you have a spiritual tradition you draw on or not, your spiritual life is an important resource for you. We have a vast array of Chaplains available to you who can listen with care and expertise to assist you in integrating your law school experiences and discerning your future direction. We have a Catholic priest and Chaplain, a Jewish Chaplain, a Protestant Chaplain, an Imam and many chaplains on Georgetown’s main campus to serve you; click on the “Chaplains & Staff” link for our contact information to make an appointment, or email us at Please join us as well for any of the diverse programs listed above.

We wish you every blessing on your years of study here at Georgetown University Law Center.