Volume 11

Reaction to: I Paid for a White Baby

by Gabriella Ferrara

In I Paid for a White Baby: How Assisted Reproductive Technologies Reproduce White Supremacy, Annie Houghton-Larsen sets forth an eloquent and compelling argument for how the assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) market contributes to the preservation of racial categories by encouraging parents to reproduce monora-cial families. Because white parents predominantly comprise the market, sperm banks serve to protect white purity and white privilege, urging hopeful parents to choose a donor of the same race. Undoubtedly, the sperm banks’ implicit or explicit messaging caters to the white parents, who comprise the majority of their market. And perhaps for good reason—the Crambletts and Harnichers of the world are clearly ill-equipped to raise mixed-race children when they have never experienced the imbalance of privileges (let alone harsh injustices) that racism creates for black people and other people of color.

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