Volume 12

Reaction to: The Racialization of Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude

by Richa Raghute

Staggers connects the language of the Immigration and Nationality Act to a pat- tern of government oppression of people of color. Staggers argues the federal government wields the words “crime involving moral turpitude” to target non-white immigrants, especially those who are in Latinx gangs. Staggers first looks to history to show how the federal government conflated “morality” with criminality to discriminate against non-whites. Next, Staggers looks to two recent cases, Hernandez- Gonzales v. Holder and Cabrera v. Barr, to illustrate how the federal government continues to conflate morality with criminality. Finally, Staggers connects these examples to the federal government’s pattern of preserving white supremacy by creating and preserving oppressive environments for Latinx people. Staggers’ argument is persuasive because his analysis can be replicated to show the historical oppression of other racial minorities in the United States.

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