Center for Congressional Studies

Located 0.2 miles from the Capitol, Georgetown Law is uniquely situated to enhance knowledge, scholarship, and student learning about Congress. No other law school or school of government matches our geographic advantage when it comes to the House and Senate.

Led by Professor Victoria Nourse, the Center places particular emphasis on lawmaking within the legislature. The Center’s working group includes Professor Anita Krishnakumar, Professor Dave Rapallo, Professor Janel George, Professor Philip Schrag, Professor Josh Chafetz, and Professor David C. Vladeck – some of the members of the Georgetown faculty with extensive experience on the Hill.

At a school where our graduates have gone on to be both Senators and Representatives, and not to mention key staffers, we are pleased to bring academics, students, and Members together to foster knowledge about the making and interpretation of statutes, campaigns and elections, and the legislative process more generally.

Past Center events include:

  • Then-Vice President Biden’s speech on the Supreme Court nomination process (2016)
  • A panel of substantive experts on tax, immigration, climate change, and other areas “previewing” the coming Congress
  • A panel on the nuclear option and the filibuster of judicial nominees
  • A panel of campaign experts reviewing recent elections
  • A Hill alumni event sponsored by the alumni office