Every two years, The Georgetown Journal of International Law brings together academics and practitioners from across the globe to explore challenges and developments in the realm of international law. This year, the Symposium considered the current challenges facing international organizations and, more broadly, challenges to effective international cooperation. The discussions explored the capacity of international organizations to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, the future role of international organizations in a multipolar world, the future of the United States as an engaged participant in the international rules-based order, and the growing importance of regional integration. The symposium concluded with a fireside chat and Q&A with Dr. Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF.

Event Recordings

Welcome + Opening Remarks


International Organizations and the Development of International Law

Professor Sean Hagan

Panel 1: The Capacity of International Organizations to Respond to Crises


Rhoda Weeks-Brown (General Counsel, IMF);

Masood Ahmed (President, Center for Global Development);

Steven Solomon (Principal Legal Officer, WHO);

Eyal Benvenisti (Professor, University of Cambridge)


Professor Anupam Chander

Panel 3: What Should the United States Do To Re Engage in the International Rules Based Order


Robin Niblett (Director, Chatham House);

Victoria Holt (Vice President, Stimson Center);

David Stewart (Professor, Georgetown)


Professor Mitt Regan