The Center on Poverty and Inequality

Bold Ideas to Address Poverty and Inequality

For 10 years, we have bridged academia and policy to equip policymakers and advocates with rigorous research, trusted analysis, and innovative policy solutions needed to make change. Our ideas are backed by evidence and data and rooted in the lived experiences of people affected by poverty.

Our Approach

  • Racial Justice: Achieving economic security requires a clear focus on advancing racial justice. We prioritize ideas that create racially equitable outcomes and push back against our nation’s long history of racism.
  • Lived Experience at the intersections of racism and poverty are essential for effective research and public policies. We integrate lived experience through our staffing, planning, idea development, research methods, and collaborations.
  • Ambitious Vision: We develop ambitious medium- to long-term ideas that remove structural barriers to economic inclusion and opportunity and ensure that people have the resources to support themselves and their families.
  • Collaboration: We join forces with advocates, organizers, policymakers, philanthropy, and scholars. Our partners influence our priorities, help shape our policy ideas, and find ways to make big ideas actionable.