The Center on Poverty and Inequality

For nearly ten years, the Center on Poverty & Inequality has housed two initiatives: the Initiative on Gender Justice & Opportunity and the Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative. Given the unique focus of each initiative, the respective efforts have restructured as standalone Centers.

The Center on Gender Justice & Opportunity and The Center on Poverty & Inequality have maintained a cross-cutting focus on racial and gender equity, while deepening their distinct specializations.

Read the March 2023 press release: “Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality Becomes Two Distinct Centers.”

Center on Poverty & Inequality

The Center on Poverty & Inequality works to alleviate poverty and inequality, advance racial and gender equity, and expand economic inclusion through research, analysis, and public policy ideas. Our ideas—which are backed by our rigorous research and analysis and rooted in the lived experiences of people affected by poverty, racism, and sexism—focus on: tax and benefits, jobs and education, health and human services, and equitable democratic institutions.

Center on Gender Justice & Opportunity

The Center on Gender Justice & Opportunity works to uncover and eliminate gender and racial disparities across public systems — including education, healthcare, and the legal system. Their work starts with the root causes of injustice and is directly informed by girls and women—ensuring that the Center’s groundbreaking research and innovative policy recommendations are rooted in lived experiences. The Center’s work is in service of a just world where all girls experience a childhood that is truly free.