Volume XXIII

Discrimination Against Women: Under the Magnifying Glass of COVID

by Fatemah Albader
The current pandemic has resulted in an exacerbation of negative inequalities faced by women at more alarming rates than men. As resources become strained, women have witnessed deepened difficulties in basic access to healthcare. Moreover, there has been a rise in gender-based violence across the international community. In October 2021, United Nations High Commissioner for […]

Social Movements, Diversity, and Corporate Short-Termism

by Akshaya Kamalnath
Social movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, powered by social media, have given rise to heightened corporate activism on social issues. They have also drawn attention to the importance of addressing diversity issues for the workforce rather than simply at the board or management level. This Article argues that the focus on such social issues is […]

The Things We Bear: On Guns, Abortion, and Substantive Due Process

by Gabriella Kamran
As the Supreme Court sits ready to curtail both abortion rights and gun control laws in its current term, this Note seeks to retheorize the nexus between the constitutional claims to abortion and individual gun ownership. It departs from existing theories, which largely frame the legal arguments or bases of the two rights as parallel, […]

War on Retrogression in Gender Equality: The Implications of Poland’s Systematic Failure to Protect Fundamental Human Rights and the Need for International Intervention

by Arianna Rappy
Violence against women is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world, yet a significant portion of the population lacks legal protection. Gender-based violence (GBV) is deeply rooted in structural inequalities and power imbalances, endangering the health, safety, dignity, and autonomy of its victims. Due to gaps in criminal law, victim blaming, […]