Volume XXI, Issue 1 (Fall 2019)


Gender and the Language of Judicial Opinion Writing
Mary Pat Gunderson

Agency: Married Women Traders of Nantucket, 1765-1865
Mary L. Heen

Cardinal Sins: How the Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Crisis Changed Private Law
Mayo Moran


‘Delete Your Account’ or Deal With It? How News Organizations are Failing to Support Female Reporters Against Online Harassment
Sarah Eberspacher

Helping Out Supermom: Gender-Aware Policymaking & Mothering in the Twenty-First Century American Workforce
Tori D. Kutzner


Volume XX, Issue 3 (Symposium 2019)


The Construction of the Ultimate Other: Nationalism and Manifestations of Misogyny and Patriarchy in U.S. Immigration Law and Policy
Erin Corcoran

The LGBTQ Asylum Seeker: Particular Social Groups and Authentic Queer Identities
Connor Cory

Failing the Refugee Child: Gaps in the Refugee Convention Relating to Children
Sarah J. Diaz

Immigrant Women, Domestic Violence, and Hurricanes Irma and Marìa in Puerto Rico: Compounding the Violence for the Most Vulnerable
Jodie G. Roure


What’s so Exceptional About Immigration and Family Law Exceptionalism? An Analysis of Canonical Family and Immigration Law as Reflective of American Nationalism
Kelly McGee

Volume XX, Issue 2 (Annual Review 2019)

Annual Review Articles

Edited by Katherine Kubak, Shelby Martin, Natasha Mighell, Madison Winey, and Rachel Wofford

Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Edited by Jenna Casolo, Campbell Curry-Ledbetter, Meagan Edmonds, Gabrielle Field, Kathleen O’neill, and Marisa Poncia

Correctional Facilities
Edited by Roya Butler, Andrew Dam, Sarah Eberspacher, Charlotte Kelley, and Alina Pastor-Chermak

Religious Exemptions
Written and Edited by Olivia Brown, Melanie Collins, Hange (Hera) Liao, Lydia Tsao, and Tracey Zhang

State Regulation of Sexual Harassment
Edited by Rachel Farkas, Brittany Johnson, Ryann Mcmurry, Noemi Schor, and Alison Smith

Sex Education in Schools
Edited by Melody Alemansour, Austin Coe, Austin Donohue, Laura Shellum, and Sophie Thackray

Single-Sex Education
Edited by Nicholas Benham, Maya Desai, Madeleine Freeman, Tori Kutzner, and Karuna Srivastav


Volume XX, Issue 1 (Fall 2018)


Donations for Sale – Rhetorical Methods in the Service of Compensated Egg Recruitment in Israel
Sharon Bassan

Reframing the Argument: Sexual Orientation Discrimination as Sex Discrimination under Equal Protection
Raelynn J. Hillhouse

Long-Term Care and the Tax Code: A Feminist Perspective on Elder Care
Nancy E. Shurtz


A Positive Right to Abortion: Rethinking Roe v. Wade in the Context of Medication Abortion
Nicole Ratelle

Medicaid Approaches to Addressing Maternal Mortality in the District of Columbia
Tara Wilson

Fair Trade for Women, At Last: Using a Sanctions Framework to Enforce Gender Equality Rights in Multilateral Trade Agreements
Suzanne Zakaria


Volume XIX, Issue 1 (Fall 2017)


What Ever Happened to the “Child Maltreatment Revolution”?
Claire Houston

Islamic Feminism and Invisible Work: The Case of the Disappearing Daughter-in-Law
Donohon Abdugafurova, Rahimjon Abdugafurov, Beverly Moran

Feminism(s), Progressive Corporate Law, and the Corporate Oppression Remedy: Seeking Fairness and Justice
Shannon Kathleen O’Byrne and Cindy A. Schipani


Appearance Standards and Arbitrators: Assessing Disciplinary Actions Pursuant to Grooming Policies in Arbitration
Jessica Moran

More Than Just “Sex:” Title VII, the Expanding Meaning of Sex Discrimination, and the Court’s Role in Correcting Injustice
Charly Shane Gilfoil