Volume 20

The LGBTQ Asylum Seeker: Particular Social Groups and Authentic Queer Identities

by Connor Cory

This article poses two questions: 1) to what extent does the PSG category cre-ate room for non-normative queer narratives; and 2) what is the practitioner’s role and responsibility in framing these PSGs to a particular applicant? Part I pro-vides a basic overview of asylum law, with emphasis given to the PSG ground of protection and the evolution of LGBTQ case law in that area. The second part takes a closer look at the PSG category through the lens of queer theory in order to determine whether and how the legal underpinnings of the category may lend themselves to queer identities. Part III pulls back from the theory and law to take a hard look at the practitioner’s role and responsibilities in eliciting, preparing, and conveying narratives of queer survival.

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