Volume XXII

Nation of Men: Diagnosing Manospheric Misogyny as Virulent Online Nationalism

by Rachel Guy

Part II of this Note defines the manosphere and its relationship to structural sexism. Applying classic theories of nationalism, Part III argues that manospheric misogyny is a fully developed cultural nationalism, utilizing the communication powers of the internet to unite an imagined community in grievance. Finally, Part IV examines the capabilities available to manospheric misogyny as an internetnative nationalism. Employing Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s frameworks for online nationalisms, this Note argues that manospheric misogyny should be understood as a dangerous nation-in-waiting that will employ increasing levels of on- and off-line violence in pursuit of a politic that embodies its extreme, misogynist ideal. In light of the epidemic of violence growing out of the manosphere—of which Long is only the latest chapter—this Note briefly addresses three categories of legal reform needed to effectively combat the manosphere and provide redress to its victims. The uniting theme of these solutions is simply to recognize misogyny as a form of hate that requires serious legal responses and societal acknowledgment.

The tragic story of the terrorism perpetrated in Atlanta demonstrates the imperative of this Note: we could have seen this violence coming, and until the legal field responds, we can only expect the violence to continue.

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