Volume 32
Issue 2
Winter '18

Current Developments in the Judiciary: Garza v. Hargan, an Undocumented Minor’s Right to an Abortion

Written By: Alexandra Dumezich


In the past few months, followers of national legal news have faced a growing list of nondescript pseudonyms: Jane Doe, Jane Roe, Jane Poe, and Jane Moe. These young women are undocumented minors held in the custody of the United States Government. Recently, a large amount of media attention has fallen upon the Government’s attempts to prevent them from obtaining abortions.

The public fascination with the legal battle to terminate a pregnancy comes as little surprise, as under the Trump administration, both immigration and abortion are contentious topics. This article will examine Jane Doe’s case in Garza v. Hargan by discussing the issues of government facilitation of abortions for indigent women, whether or not the government infringed upon Jane Doe’s right to an abortion, and the unraised matter of whether or not the constitution applies to Jane Doe on account of her immigration status.

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