Volume 34, Number 2 (Winter 2020)


The Adultification of Immigrant Children
Laila Hlass

Consent Is Not Discretion: The Evolution of SIJS and the Consent Function
Amy Joseph, Amy Pont, & Christina Romero

The ICCPR, Non-Self-Execution, and DACA Recipients’ Right to Remain in the United States
Timothy E. Lynch

The Boundaries of Habeas: Due Process, The Suspension Clause, and Judicial Review of Expedited Removal Under the Immigration and Nationality Act
Peter Margulies


“Speak Anglish:” Language Access and Due Process in Asylum Proceedings
Grace Benton

Rethinking the Law and Economics of Immigration Policy for High-Skilled Migrants in the Global Knowledge Economy
Samuel Gray

A Citizen By Any Other Name: Postcolonial Cop Out In Section 4, Article XIX of Vietnam’s Law on Nationality
Thanh D. Nguyen

Current Developments

The One-Two Punch to Asylum Seekers: How the Trump Administration Would Change Asylum as We Know It
David Blumenthal

Nearly Three Years After the Muslim Ban, Congress Seeks Clarity on the Ban and Its Waiver Program
Jessica Doumit

Migrant Protection Protocols and Due Process: The Southern District of California Rules Migrants Subject to MPP Have Right to Access Retained Counsel Before and During a Non-Refoulement Interview
Michael Kareff

The Trump Administration’s Third Country Transit Bar
Shelby McGuire Smith

Volume 34, Number 1 (Fall 2019)


The Strange and Unexpected Afterlife of Pereira v. Sessions
Patrick J. Glen & Alanna R. Kennedy

An Analysis of the Applications and Implications of Chevron Deference in Immigration
Jennifer Safstrom


Separating the Hands: Why Reorganization-Oriented Abolitionism Won’t Meaningfully Change ICE
Casey L. Chalbeck

Shoot Them! The Trump Administration’s Immigration Policy and its Effect on LGBTI Migrants and Asylum Seekers
Clara Mora

No Notice, No Problem? Credible Testimony and the Need for Corroboration Notice in the Context of Saravia v. Attorney General
Daniel O’Hara

Unaccompanied, Unnoticed, and Undereducated: An Analysis of the Administrative Challenges of Educating Unaccompanied Children in Federal Custody
Kate Rheaume

Current Developments

Children in Cages: A Legal and Public Health Crisis
Prashasti Bhatnagar

The Extraordinary Plight of Venezuelan Women: An Acute Example of the Need for Global Recognition as Refugees
Grace Fuscoe

The Department of Homeland Security and the Confusing State of Prospective U.S. Employment for Foreign Nationals Seeking Advanced Degrees
Clayton Laing

Volume 33, Number 3 (Spring 2019)


Removals to Somalia in Light of the Convention against Torture: Recent Evidence from Somali Bantu Deportees
Daniel J. Van Lehman and Estelle M. McKee

Case Comment

World Without Fong Yue Ting: Envisioning an Alternative Reality if the Dissenters Prevailed
Chris Westfall

Volume 32, Number 1 (Fall 2017)


Ethics Issues Inherent in Special Immigrant Juvenile State Court Proceedings – Practical Proposals for Intractable Problems
Alexis Anderson

Promoting a Child Rights-Based Approach to Immigration in the United States
Olga Byrne

Immigration Law Allies and Administrative Law Adversaries
Jill E. Family


The Undocumented Workers’ Dilemma: Improving Workplace Rights for Undocumented Workers Through Labor Arbitration and Collective Bargaining
Conor Trombetta

Current Developments

Current Developments in Immigration Law: Changing Title IX Enforcement Under Secretary Devos and the Impact on Immigrant and Undocumented Students
Jessica Davidson

Current Developments in Immigration Law: Terminating Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador
Jared Allen

Volume 31, Number 3 (Spring 2017)


Non-Discrimination in Refugee and Asylum Law (Against Travel Ban 1.0 and 2.0)
Eunice Lee

Instilling Fear and Regulating Behavior: Immigration Law as Social Control
Lori A. Nessel

The Myth of Second Chances: Noncitizen Youth and Confidentiality of Delinquency Records
Beth K. Zilberman


Protecting Syrian Refugees: Short Term Solution to Unsustainable Burden and the Necessity of Eliciting Aid from the Global North
Ahmad El-Gamal

Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law and the Pervasiveness of Racial Profiling
Paige Newman

Against Walls: How President Trump’s Walling Initiatives Undermine American Exceptionalism
Noah Smith

Current Developments

Current Developments in the Executive Branch: Sanctuary Cities under the Trump Administration, the Frontlines of the Battle for Immigration
Ahmad Al-Dajani

Supreme Court—October Term 2016 Review
John Paul DeWitt

Current Developments in the Legislative Branch: The Fair Day in Court for Kids Act: A Necessary but Unlikely Step to Increase Representation in Immigration Proceedings
Guohao Qu, Michael Fakhoury, James O’Toole, and Paul Mayer