Immigration law is complex. It offers a fascinating study of present and future global concerns. The field is dynamic as leaders around the globe reevaluate programs and policies.

GILJ is committed to building community and making the entire Journal experience a positive one for all its members. To that end, GILJ provides its members with academic resources, research and writing support, numerous opportunities and platforms to publish, Bluebook citation training, as well as widespread opportunities for professional development. Above all, GILJ is a network and community of young professionals. GILJ is excellent for day and evening students alike as a large portion of the work is done online.

In Spring 2022, GILJ members—including 2L students—had the opportunity to participate in a new justice-oriented program, #ImmigrationAND. The program hosted a 2022 Scholar Series, inviting activists, lawyers, and academics to explore interdisciplinary topics within immigration, with an explicit focus on collective liberation. Participating GILJ members received a certificate of completion.