Georgetown Immigration Law Journal

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Unseen Policies: Trump’s Little-Known Immigration Rules as Executive Power Grab

Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer, Spring 2021

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Truth and Trauma: Exploring the Merits of Non-adversarial Asylum Hearings

Johanna Selberg, Spring 2021

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The Journal is published three times a year and is dedicated to exploring and critically analyzing international and domestic events as they shape the field of immigration law. Each issue features articles by scholars and legal practitioners, as well as a significant number of student notes and a section reviewing current developments in immigration.

Immigration law permeates a wide number of other substantive areas including constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, labor law, and international law. Recent world events have increased awareness among the legal community of the importance of immigration law, with issues ranging from the meaning of citizenship to multi-national corporate concerns about employing people from different countries. As a result, expertise in immigration law is required by both individuals seeking citizenship and big business attracting skilled workers.