In Memoriam: Ida Ehrhardt (L’20)

November 3, 2020 by Aburiyeba Amaso

In Memoriam: Ida Ehrhardt (L’20)

The editors of the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy (GJPLP) respectfully dedicate this year’s online articles to Ida Ehrhardt. 

The untimely passing of Ida is a tremendous loss to the GJPLP community. Ida graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in May 2020 and was a GJPLP Volume 27 Executive Articles Editor. She was a valued member of our journal and the larger law school community. Her warm personality complimented her work with Staff Editors on journal. Additionally, her time as a student attorney in Georgetown Law Juvenile Justice Clinic along with her student group involvement reflected her passion for helping others and building community. She was dedicated to excelling in these commitments and zealously advocated for her clients.

As a journal, we strive to make our online platform responsive to pressing and timely poverty law related topics and events. It is our hope that this year’s scholarship continues to reflect not only the journal’s mission, but also Ida’s legacy of service for others as we strive to fill our lives with some of her same passion, humor, and kindness.


The following articles remind us why advocacy is important.


Equality Before the Law: Ending Legal Deserts in Rural Counties

by Nick Devine

Damned by Default: Low-Income Borrowers and Student Debt

by Andrew Harman

Will the Public Option Provide Universal Access to Affordable Health Insurance?

by Ezra Tanen