Summer Edition 2020 Part 2 – Sustaining Progress Beyond The Moment

August 18, 2020 by Aburiyeba Amaso

The twin pandemics of coronavirus and police brutality have reminded us yet again of the grave inequities in our system. This summer, we arrived at another moment of reckoning as police brutality born from complacency in systemic racism was broadcasted worldwide and coronavirus exposed the continuous wealth and health disparities in our nation. We have been called to action. This edition showcases how policy makers can sustain progress beyond the moment.

All opinions and views expressed in these articles are solely of the respective authors and not of any third parties. 

Justice for George Floyd: Policing Against Privilege with Noncustodial Arrests and a More Transparent Police Force

by Neil Pladus

The 2020 Case for Fully Funding the IDEA: A Pandemic and a Political Window

by Megan Smith

Revamping the Education System for Students with Disabilities in the Era of COVID-19

by Josette M. Barsano

The Cares Act: A Look At The Realities of Reform

by Victoria King