Volume 27

Panel: Building Coalitions and the Disability Rights Movement

by Judith Heumann and Eve Hill

JUDITH HEUMANN: Eve and I, what we want to do is enter into a discussion. She has done some fantastic work, which we will get into discussing in a little bit. But also, Eve has taken her personal experience, which has evolved over the years, and her commitments to social justice and equality, and really honed in beyond the surface. To be able to implement pieces of the law like the Olmstead court case, we need to understand why the law is important, what implications it has for people’s lives, why situations like this have been able to evolve for more than a century, and also what people think about when they look at those of us with visible and invisible disabilities. I think it ultimately means that we do not believe that disabled people are necessarily equal to others. And if you don’t believe someone is equal to others then it isn’t difficult for you to take people’s rights away.

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