Women's Law & Public Policy Fellowship Program

We offer two types of Fellowships. One is our WLPPFP Fellowship, which is a 12 month work experience, where Fellows from the United States work on women’s legal issues with a public interest organization, a governmental agency, or as a clinical teaching fellow at Georgetown Law. The current application is available here: WLPPFP-Application-2022-2023

The other is our Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Fellowship, where women’s rights lawyers from Africa earn a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from Georgetown Law focusing on international women’s human rights, and then participate in a post-graduation summer legal internship experience before returning home to continue advancing women’s rights in their own countries. The application for the LAWA Program is available here: LAWA-Application 2022-2023

Although each Fellowship experience is unique, all of our Fellows learn together about substantive women’s rights issues, explore a multitude of career paths through which they can advocate for women’s equality, and develop their legal skills through seminars, trainings, networking events and other activities provided by WLPPFP.