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  • Sabrina Bernadel, L'20

    1L Cold-Call

    Sabrina Bernadel remembers the first time her Georgetown Law professor cold-called on her... on the last day of class.
  • Angela Bean

    WLPPFP and RBG

    I was nervous returning to DC in 2013 as a representative of the first Women's Law and Public Policy Fellowship Progam group (WLPPFP) (1983-1984) for the privilege of presenting with one of the first Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa fellows, an 80th birthday gift to The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    Professor Morrison made it so easy all I had to do was not trip up the stairs and drop the glass box (don't worry, it didn't happen) holding the amazing Zulu necklace RBG promised to wear every day! I will treasure that memory for the rest of my life. As for the impact of my WLPPFP year, after my fellowship, I returned to California to begin my career as a lawyer defending immigrants against deportation for the next thirty-seven years. It was my fellowship assignment with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) to advocate on the hill on behalf of the Chicana Rights Project to support legislation to combat the increasing feminization of poverty. This placement turned out to be my boot camp for fearless lawyering. For that, I am ever grateful.

  • Elisabeth Makumbi, L'16

    LAWA Fellowship Program

    Jill Morrison offered me an invaluable opportunity to join the Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa Fellowship Program.

    She took a chance on me when I know she didn’t have to or need to. The Program catapulted me to new heights and helped me to understand my strengths, weakness, and blindspots. Her charisma, confidence, and love for the Program (and its students) was infectious and made me realize how blessed I am to call Jill my mentor, my friend, and my teacher

  • Senator Chris Van Hollen, L'90, Sec. 7

    Ideas at Work

  • I will never forget my time at Georgetown Law Center. It prepared me very well for my work as an International Consultant on Global Development projects.
  • Irene Tchoukleva-Grozdanoff, L'02

    Professor Wolf

    I will never forget his classes! Thank you so much, Professor Wolf!

  • Irene Tchoukleva-Grozdanoff, L'02

    The Georgetown Legacy

    This is a photo of Ms. Dory Mayer, me, my newly-born son Constantine and my husband at my LL.M. graduation in 2002. Today my grown-up son, Constantine Grozdanoff, wants to continue the legacy and is applying for the School of Foreign Service and is hoping, later on, to get in the Georgetown Law Center for a JD program.

  • Judge Lynn Leibovitz, L'85

    From Clinic to Career

  • Jolan Vereecke, L'15

    An Influential Meeting

    When I was still a law student in Belgium and prior to my coming to Georgetown, I had the opportunity to meet Dory Mayer.

    She was hosting one of her events organized during her famous tour over Europe to promote the LLM program (which Caryn now continues to do for our great pleasure here in Brussels!). I had flown back from Scotland just for the event. I remember like it was yesterday, Dory’s dedication to the program, and the way she talked about Georgetown and the LLM community - there was that little something in Dory that made me want to go to Georgetown. Without Dory that night, there probably would have never been any Georgetown for me!

  • I will always treasure the memories of the graduation brunch in May 2001 that Dory Mayer hosted at her beautiful home, inviting not only the graduating students but also their families. On a personal level, this has been one of the few and warmest opportunities to have both my parents and my aunt together, having a good time and celebrating a major achievement. These are priceless moments! I loved it and it will always be a part of me.