Center on Transnational Business and the Law

CTBL’s work is multi-faceted and focuses on current issues and developments in international business and commercial law through such activities as:  (i) on-campus conferences, lectures and seminars, (ii) related research and writing, (iii) outreach to business executives and private practitioners, and (iv) establishing and maintaining ties with relevant parts of the U.S. government and international community involved in transnational business and private international law matters. We are dedicated to exploring the developing the legal and policy issues faced by businesses operating across national borders, and are committed to engaging actively in the broader international law and policy conversation at Georgetown Law by bringing together corporate executives, private practitioners, government officials, students and scholars with the aim of promoting thoughtful and timely discussion and analysis of important legal problems facing business.

Established over 15 years ago, CTBL’s current faculty co-directors are Professor David Stewart and Professor Don De Amicis.