The center’s publications will include an annual report card on the balance of the benefits of free market capitalism with the expectations and values of a democratic society.

This signature publication aspires to cover measures of efficacy & vitality (GDP growth, levels of long-term business investment), fairness (equality of economic opportunities), degree of social mobility (evidence of advancement from lower to higher income/wealth brackets), and quality of social safety nets (availability of tools and services to assist community members in need of help).

2023 Report on the Health of Democratic Capitalism: Evaluating the Quality of Market Competition

Competition is an essential ingredient of the market economy and a key indicator of the economy's health. Among other benefits, competition keeps prices in check and promotes innovation and productivity.

Inaugural Report on the Health of Democratic Capitalism

Capitalism generates growing total wealth, produces new innovations, and provides jobs. However, pressures include growing gaps in incomes, a slowdown in upward mobility, inadequate stewardship of natural resources, a decline in business investment, and a decreasing quality of market competition.

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