The International Criminal Justice Initiative

The International Criminal Justice Initiative (ICJI) seeks to forge a more equitable, efficient, and effective global system of criminal accountability for “atrocity crimes,” an umbrella term that includes war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and the crime of aggression.

Leveraging its leadership and real world expertise, as well as Georgetown Law’s expansive network of resources, ICJI works to educate policymakers and other stakeholders about the central role of international criminal justice to security and prosperity, advocate for the timely pursuit of criminal accountability for atrocity crimes that are committed anywhere, and provide invaluable practical support to accountability efforts happening around the world.

Our Team

  • Ambassador Clint Williamson Headshot

    Lead Coordinator

    Ambassador Clint Williamson

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  • Kip Hale Headshot

    Chief of Staff

    Christopher “Kip” Hale

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