Students who wish to compete must purchase the rights to the online competition packet. The Competition consists of a case comment and a Bluebook test. Some journals also request a separate “personal statement” and/or resume.

The competition packet is a closed packet. Students may only consult limited materials while writing their own competition paper. The materials may include cases, statutes, and commentary.

Scroll down for :

  • informational materials. Use this guide as a reference for the Write On Competition.
  • links to the Competition sites (one each for Georgetown 1st years and Transfer students)
  • important dates

Georgetown 1st Years

The Write On Competition for Georgetown 1st Years will take place from May 18, 2018 - May 31, 2018. We hope to open purchasing on May 11, 2018, but materials won't be available until 9:00am on May 18.

Transfer Students

The Write On Competition for Transfer students will take place from May 25, 2018 - July 12, 2018. Please note this is a different login portal than for Georgetown 1st years and requires a unique ID emailed to you by OJA. Students will have 7 days from the moment of purchase to return materials, and may choose any 7 days in the period.