The Center for Asian Law serves as the key platform for teaching and research on Asian law at Georgetown University Law Center.  The Center for Asian Law is one of the top centers for the study of Asian law in the United States. Our faculty, staff, and affiliated fellows publish regularly on cutting-edge topics related to Asian law and policy. We also seek to engage and inform the Georgetown community: throughout the academic year, we host important discussions related to politics, law, and policy in Asia, and also on U.S. engagement in the region. We also maintain deep ties with universities, law schools, and think tanks throughout the region, and with key US institutions focused on Asia.

Each year, the Center for Asian Law hosts visiting researchers from Asia, assisting them on their research related to legal reform and the rule of law. When possible, the Center for Asian Law seeks to connect visiting researchers with interested Georgetown Law students, many of whom are pursuing in-country research and writing on similar issues. Asian scholars and also the community of Washington-based experts regularly present their most recent research findings at Georgetown Law, contributing to a vibrant ongoing conversation on the key legal and political issues emerging from the region.

Finally, the Center for Asian Law pursues on-the-ground legal reform work, in collaboration with Asian partners and with other Georgetown Law centers and institutes. To that end, the Center for Asian Law leverages the vast expertise of the Georgetown Law faculty, and also its global network of alumni, many of whom are based in Asia and working in key practice areas relevant to broader legal reform challenges. Key areas of legal reform work for the Center for Asian Law include environmental law, public interest litigation, and constitutional law, among other issues.