Georgetown Law, University of Hong Kong Co-Host Conference on Intellectual Property, COVID-19 and Tackling Global Health Inequity

Omicron is not only upending international travel and stock markets, but also underscores the need to expedite vaccination in low-income countries.

First-Ever NSL Verdict Fails to Protect Rights: GCAL releases new briefing paper on Tong Ying-kit case

The first-ever verdict under Hong Kong’s 2020 National Security Law does not adhere to international law and comparative best practice, according to an analysis published by Georgetown University Law Center’s Center for Asian Law (GCAL).

Right to a Fair Trial Under Threat: GCAL releases new briefing paper on Hong Kong’s National Security Law

The right to a fair trial for National Security Law (NSL) defendants is under threat. NSL defendants have been hampered by restrictions on their core due process rights as the selection process for judges in NSL cases raises concerns about judicial independence.

Georgetown Law Experts Break New Ground on China’s Lending, Hong Kong Crackdown

With China emerging as the world’s largest official creditor, its lending program has become the subject of intense international debate. Is China a benevolent development lender — or is it forging a new global empire?

Hong Kong's National Security Law Used to Instill Fear, Arrest Over 100, New Report Finds

The Center for Asian Law's new report "Hong Kong’s National Security Law: A Human Rights and Rule of Law Analysis," finds that the new law violates both key provisions of the Basic Law and also falls short of international human rights standards.

Indian Supreme Court Justices and Georgetown Law Faculty Compare Hot Topics in Constitutional Law

Two justices on India’s Supreme Court joined two Georgetown Law professors and Dean William M. Treanor this month for a wide-ranging exploration of the role of the highest courts in the world’s largest democracies.

Georgetown Center for Asian Law Spotlights India’s LGBTQ Rights Victory, U.S.-Japan Partnership and More

Highlighting a historic human rights decision in India’s Supreme Court, the U.S.-Japan Partnership, foreign policy and much more, the Center for Asian Law is keeping Georgetown informed on important legal developments across the globe.