The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics (GJLE) was founded in 1987 by Father Robert Drinan. Before joining the faculty of Georgetown Law, Father Drinan served in the U.S. House of Representatives. He dedicated his career to human rights and to the elevation of the stature of legal ethics as a discipline and in practice.

Today, GJLE is the second most-cited journal at Georgetown Law in addition to being America’s leading ethics journal, one of the top 100 journals nationally, and one of the nation’s most-cited student-run specialty journals. The ethical questions facing the profession are as complex and fascinating as ever, and to that end, the Journal’s scholarship is motivated by the question: what does the legal profession owe not only to its clients, but to society? Recent topics of discussion include issues relating to racial injustice, the COVID-19 pandemic response, the integrity of our democratic institutions, and the incorporation of new technologies into the practice of law.

GJLE is also proud of its enduring commitment to public service and social justice. Father Drinan believed that lawyers should play a special role in promoting justice and equality. In honor of his vision, the Journal provides a forum for discussions on the integrity of the legal profession and Journal members volunteer in a variety of community service initiatives across the Washington, D.C. community.

If you are a 1L or transfer student interested in joining GJLE, we strongly recommend that you enroll in an upper-level writing course and a professional responsibility course for the 2L fall semester to make your note-writing process as smooth as possible. Please direct any Write On questions to