Volume 35, Issue 1 (Winter 2022)


Vaccine Hesitancy and Legal Ethics
Noelle N. Wyman and Sam Heavenrich

Moral Convergence: The Rules of Professional Responsibility Should Apply to Lawyers in Business Ethics
Riaz Tejani

Breaking the Faustian Bargain: Using Ethical Norms to Level the Playing Field in Criminal Plea Bargaining
David A. Lord

Solving the Settlement Puzzle in Human Rights Litigation
William J. Aceves

Volume 33, Issue 1 (Winter 2020)


Rethinking Attorney-Client Privilege
Jason Batts

The Legal Ethics of Secret Client Recordings
John Bliss

The Ethical Midfield in Artificial Intelligence: Practical Reflections for National Security Lawyers
Matthew Ivey

Trumping Lawyers’ Suggested Ability to Improperly Influence Government Agencies and Officials
Douglas R. Richmond

Volume 32, Issue 4 (Fall 2019)


Volume 32, Issue 3 (Summer 2019)


The High Cost of Lowering the Bar
Robert Anderson IV and Derek T. Muller

The “Hot Potato” Doctrine and the Model Rules of Professional Conduct: The Limits of a Lawyer’s Duty of Loyalty 
William T. Barker

An Unfinished Dialogue: Congress, the Judiciary, and the Rules for Federal Judicial Misconduct Proceedings
Arthur D. Hellman

Attorney-Client Confidentiality is a Moral Good: Expanding Protections of Confidentiality and Limiting Exceptions
Thomas J. Snyder

Volume 32, Issue 2 (Spring 2019)


A Lesson in Civility
David A. Grenardo

Law and Strategy and Ethics?
Thomas M. Madden

Ethical Standards for International Human Rights Lawyers
Morial Shah

The Ethics Resistance
Brian Sheppard

Volume 32, Issue 1 (Winter 2019)


Harnessing Virtual Reality to Prevent Prosecutorial Misconduct
Kate E. Bloch

Taking #MeToo Seriously in the Legal Profession
Katherine Yon Ebright

Is Positivist Legal Ethics an Oxymoron?
Alice Woolley

Book Review

When Lawyers Screw Up
Leslie C. Levin