What We Do

The Center is expanding its work as a think/do tank, connecting research to real world problems. Our marquee new initiative is the launch of our 360 Incubator, a problem solving lab dedicated to finding and implementing novel, cross-sectoral solutions to complex security problems at the intersection of law, policy, and society. Our goal is to help protect the security, well-being, and rights of people at home and in the world.

The Center is tailoring an innovation methodology for national security law and policy problems, building on the ideas and tools underpinning design thinking, creative problem solving, complexity theory, organizational behavior, change management and related fields. The 360 Incubator will tackle problems in four program areas, working to identify the right problems to solve in each area; the right stakeholders, partners, and organizations which need to be at the table to solve them; and the right solutions to test, refine, implement, scale and sustain.

While the solutions – and therefore the tools they require – will look different depending on the problem set, we are committed to utilizing the full range of tools necessary, including partnering with others to amplify our impact and ensure sustainability. As a preeminent law school, we can develop policy solutions, draft legislation, propose regulatory measures, develop litigation strategies, engage the public, undertake education, build coalitions and networks, convene symposia and workshops, and engage in advocacy, among other solutions.

The Incubator’s initial four programs include: national security & technology; national security & international peace and security, national security & natural security; and our national security institutions.