Our Next Gen National Security Leaders Program introduces future national security professionals to experienced Georgetown Law national security alumni. The goal is to afford students the opportunity to connect with, and to learn from, experienced attorneys in the field—providing a seamless connection between education and practice.

Sponsored by the Georgetown Center on National Security and the National Security Law Society student group, the Next Gen Program enhances our J.D. Specialization Program and the National Security Law J.D./LL.M program. It is also a key part of our Diversity Initiative, ensuring that all students have the support that they need to succeed in the field.

The Program has attracted overwhelming interest—with nearly 100 students requesting mentors at the initial launch and nearly 50 alumni volunteering to assist. Next Gen students and career national security professionals are matched based on common interests and expertise. The Center on National Security Law hosts events to bring everyone together, to network with each other and with other national security thought leaders.

Student participants enjoy these opportunities to grow their connections and expand their knowledge—meeting alumni from federal agencies, international entities, private sector employers, think tanks, and NGOs. And for Georgetown Law alumni who already contribute to the profession, it’s a terrific leadership opportunity.

If you are passionate about encouraging and supporting professionals new to the field of national security, sign up to be a mentor! To participate as a student or a career professional—or to simply find out more—use this registration form or contact us at NatSecMentor@georgetown.edu.