NatSec Tech

As a recipient of a Public Interest Technology University Network Challenge grant, we are launching a new pilot project 360 Tech: Innovation, Security, & Governance to address the risks social media poses to our democratic society, communities, and individuals.

The interplay between technology, innovation, and national security has never been more complex. Emerging technology allows us to create new life forms and killer robots. Brobdingnagian social media companies capture what you read, what you believe, and what you do, creating the risk of surveillance, microtargeting, identity theft, and the ability to disrupt society. The United States has shied away from oversight, leaving members of society vulnerable. How should we address these risks, while promoting innovation? Georgetown’s 360 Tech project will bring together a multidisciplinary Task Force in a series of Innovation Labs.  Using the Center’s design methodology, the Task Force will unpack and identify the most salient risks posed by social media and then develop and prototype a creative cross-sectoral governance solution that is grounded in the contours of the problem.