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The Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy is one of only a handful of law journals in the country dedicated to exploring and critiquing conservative, libertarian, and natural law perspectives on law and policy. While we are a relatively young journal—we are currently publishing our twentieth volume—we take pride that our influence  continues to grow. Our  journal was cited by Justice Scalia in District of Columbia v. Heller, by Justice Thomas in Northwest Austin Utility District v. Holder, by Justice Gorsuch in Kisor v. Wilkie, and by Judge Sykes in Ezell v. City of Chicago. State supreme courts, federal district courts, and numerous law reviews have also cited our journal.

This updated website allows you to access the latest issue of our Journal for free. We also provide instructions for subscribing and information on how to obtain earlier GJLPP volumes, issues, and articles.

This page is also the site of the GJLPP legal blog, which provides a forum for immediate reactions, student analysis, and succinct discussion of today’s most pressing legal issues.

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“We now may be coming to the realization that the Cyber Age is a revolution of historic proportions[. W]e cannot appreciate yet its full dimensions and vast potential to alter how we think, express ourselves, and define who we want to be.” Packingham v. North Carolina, 137 S. Ct. 1730, 1736 (2017).

-Luke Bunting, Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 20