The Georgetown Project on State and Local Government Policy and Law (SALPAL)

At SALPAL, we give our students access to law school course offerings on state and local government law and policy. We help students seeking clinical opportunities, externships, summer positions, and career opportunities in state courts, state legislatures and executive agencies, and associations.

We provide a Washington, DC-based forum for state and local government stakeholders and intergovernmental affairs experts.

Launched in 2019, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our future plans.

Albany Law Review Article from Professor Meryl Chertoff, SALPAL Executive Director

Professor Chertoff's latest article appears in the Albany Law Review. It covers the legacy of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in the realm of federal commandeering and the Tenth Amendment. "Unlike the originalist Scalia, her analysis in these cases is not focused on the reasoning of the Framers, but on their intent: to maximize the ambit of independent policy-making authority of state governmental units, cabined by accountability to voters."

The article examines Justice O'Connor's opinions in the area, opinions that built on her work after her retirement, and recent cases brought by subnational governments to push back against federal overreach, specifically immigration policies implemented by the Trump Administration, which are built on the foundation laid by Justice O'Connor. The importance of state and local legal action is highlighted by these vital cases.

New Article from Professor Meryl Chertoff, SALPAL Executive Director

Professor Chertoff has co-authored a new article on state pre-emption of local policy, published by Governing. Focusing on an unfolding case in California, where one locality is fighting the state's prohibition on new sugary drink taxes, the article examines local democracy, public health, and the conflict between state and local goals.

LabGov, Co-Cities, and the Urban Commons with Sheila Foster

In this episode of Cities@Tufts, Prof. Sheila Foster, SALPAL Faculty Advisor, discusses her work with LabGov, Co-Cities, and how urban commons can be created and sustained in different political, social, and economic environments. Cities@Tufts Lectures explores the impact of urban planning on our communities and the opportunities to design for greater equity and justice.