Georgetown Environmental Law Review

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Fifty Shades of Green

Daniel Magraw & Lin Qin, Spring 2020

William James said that a person is defined by what he or she pays attention to. Continue Reading

Defending the Future: Intergenerational Equity in Climate Litigation

Lydia Slobodian , Spring 2020

A recent spate of cases indicate the import rhetorical role of intergenerational equity in climate change litigation. Continue Reading

Environmental issues do not recognize political boundaries, nor do they respect territorial integrity. Attempts to confront and resolve global and transboundary environmental problems have created the need for a legal forum to provide analyses of these issues. Georgetown students created GELR to meet this need.

Our publication spans a broad range of environmental issues, such as climate change; renewable energy; administrative law; criminal law; regional and comparative issues; and the intersection of the environment and trade, human rights, security, and technology.

The audience we reach is nearly as broad as the subject matter we publish. Each publication contains timely information designed for the practitioner, policymaker, scholar, and student of environmental law.