The Health Justice Scholars (HJS) Track at the School of Medicine is the primary entry point to engaging with the Health Justice Alliance (HJA). Each year, the HJS Track welcomes 12 new students who become part of the HJA community. During their second year of medical school, those HJS students work with law students to prepare for meetings with congressional representatives as part of the HJS’s Capitol Hill Advocacy Day. In their fourth year, HJS students complete a Social Justice and Advocacy Elective rotation, many of which are hosted at the Law Center. Some HJS students embed in the HJA Law Clinic, where they participate as full-members of the medical-legal partnership (MLP) team, provide medical consultation on law clinic cases and projects, and support broader policy and advocacy efforts as needed.  The Criminal Defense and Prisoner Advocacy Clinic also hosts HJS students interested in contributing to compassionate release cases. Work with the Cancer LAW project at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and policy focused rotations are also available. Throughout their medical school journey, HJS students may also apply to conduct their Independent Scholarly Project (ISP) with HJA faculty on health justice topics or contribute to HJA’s research and evaluation efforts.