At each of these clinical environments, HJA is conducting research and evaluation to understand the MLP model impact on patients, providers and systems. HJA also provides technical assistance to MedStar clinicians interested in bringing the MLP model to their patients.

We currently operate the following medical-legal partnerships at MedStar practices:

Health Justice Alliance Law Clinic

Faculty and students in the Health Justice Alliance Law Clinic provide holistic legal services to families receiving healthcare at the MedStar Georgetown Division of Community Pediatrics’ Kids Medical Mobile Van, which parks in under-resourced public housing complexes and provides primary care to kids who otherwise might not make it to the doctor.

Other locations receiving services are the School Health Centers at Anacostia High School and Roosevelt HIgh School, which provide pediatric, nurse midwife, and behavioral healthcare to high school students in D.C. neighborhoods with few comprehensive medical care options.

The Cancer Legal Assistance & Well-being (LAW) Project

The Cancer Legal Assistance & Well-being (LAW) Project was launched at MedStar Washington Cancer Institute in 2019 with generous support from MedStar Health, MedStar Washington Hospital Center and MedStar Georgetown University Medical Center.

Cancer patients often face a constellation of legal needs that can negatively impact treatment and quality of life, and often take precedence over adhering to their treatment plan.

The HJA’s Cancer LAW Project attorneys work with the clinical and patient support teams to provide legal services related to employment, housing, advance planning, debt, and health insurance to patients.

The Perinatal Legal Assistance & Well-being (LAW) Project

The Perinatal Legal Assistance & Well-being (LAW) Project provides legal services to pregnant and postpartum women receiving care at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

The HJA’s Perinatal LAW Project is part of a larger MedStar Health initiative, Safe Babies Safe Moms, to address poor infant and maternal health outcomes through a collaborative effort between obstetric, pediatric, and mental health specialists.

Safe Babies Safe Moms includes integrated mental health programming, treatment of health conditions that complicate pregnancy, social determinants assessments, expanded lactation and nutrition supports, access to home visiting referrals, and extended postpartum follow-up. The Perinatal LAW Project adds legal services to this holistic approach.