LL.M. students must take specialization credits towards their degree from the following list of courses. For additional information, please see the Course Guide.


Constitutional Aspects of Foreign Affairs Seminar

Cyber and National Security: Current Issues Seminar

Foreign Relations Law

Global Revolutions, Social Change, and NGOs

Graduate Independent Research

Intelligence Reform and the Modern Intelligence Community

International Courts and Tribunals: An Introduction

International Human Rights Law

International Law I: Introduction to International Law (or here)

Law and Measures Against International Terrorism

Law of War Seminar

Managing National Security

Maritime Law

Military and Veterans Law: The American Armed Forces 1636-2014

National Security Business Law

National Security Crisis Law

National Security Surveillance

Pro-Seminar in National Security Law

Refugee Law and Policy

Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice

War Crimes Prosecutions

War Crimes, Terrorism, & International Criminal Procedure


Contemporary Peacekeeping: Legality, Legitimacy & Accountability

Current Issues in National Security and Civil Liberties Seminar

Cybersecurity Law

Gender and U.S. Foreign Policy

Global Cybercrime Law

Graduate Independent Research

Immigration Law and Policy

Immunity Under International Law

Information Privacy Law

International Criminal Law

International Efforts to Combat Corruption Seminar

International Human Rights Law

International Law and Covert Operations

International Law I: Introduction to International Law

International Law II: Trade and Business

International Law, Human Rights & Fighting Impunity:Fighting War Crimes and Economic Crimes

National Security & the Law of the Sea

National Security Investigations and Litigation

National Security Law

National Security Law & the Private Sector

National Security Lawyering

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Law: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism

Strategic Intelligence and Public Policy Seminar

UN Security Council in the Age of Human Rights

U.S. and International Customs Law

U.S. Foreign Relations and National Security Law